Microsoft wants to train at Linux

In partnership with the Linux Foundation, the publisher launches a certification training focused on Linux. It aims to support computer scientists wishing to use the OS on its cloud.

Microsoft’s new initiative in open source. In partnership with the Linux Foundation, the publisher launches a certification focused on Linux . It aims to learn how to exploit the open source OS on the cloud of the US group.

This initiative is not necessarily a surprise. Microsoft is now focusing much of Azure’s technology policy on open source . In total, nearly fifty applications and open source bricks are, for the time being, already implemented on the cloud.

A strategy that aims, also, to respond to a request. Microsoft recently revealed that a quarter of instances operated on Azure for clients embark Linux .

A certification consisting of two modules

No wonder Microsoft also wants to support this movement with a new training offer. The proposed certification involves passing two modules. One provides Microsoft Specialist certification “Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions” (test 70-533). The second refers to the LFCS certification exams of the Linux Foundation on Linux System Administration . These modules are offered by approved training centers.

“Microsoft likes Linux”. 
This is the message that Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, now intends to pass. 
A positioning that was unveiled for the first time in October 2014 .  
Credit: Microsoft

In total, Microsoft supports seven Linux distributions on Azure  : Ubuntu, CentOS, SUSE Linux Enterprise, OpenSUSE, Oracle Linux, as well as Debian and Red Hat – whose support in the publisher’s cloud has been introduced more recently (read article: Red Hat becomes Microsoft’s weapon to sell Azure to linuxians ).

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